Legal audit and legal opinions

Legal audit and legal opinions

We will make legal analysis, show weaknesses, identify risks and eliminate violations

Взыскание задолженности
Сопровождение сделок
Ценные бумаги
Защита бизнеса
Интеллектуальная собственность
Согласование сделок
Проверка договоров
Разработка договоров
Юрист по налогам
Абонентское обслуживание
Правовые риски
Анализ судебного кейса
Правовой анализ
Экспертиза проекта
  • Opinions on international law
  • Legal analysis of legal cases
  • Legal audit of companies and projects
  • Contract review and counterparty due diligence


  • TOP 3

    Accreditation with three major banks to provide opinions on international law

  • +370

    Legal opinions and legal analysis of court cases

  • 100%

    Attorney-client privilege. Your trust is protected by law.

  • Over 12 years

    We have been making legal analysis of complex projects

We make legal analysis on international and national law.
You will receive a competent opinion on the project. Our analysis of the court case will show weaknesses and strengthen your defense. We make a comprehensive legal audit of the company and examine individual issues of the project. We will identify risks and eliminate any violations. We will prepare substantiated answers and legal opinions for submission to the competent authorities.

When do you need to contact us?

  • You need to get a decision on a complex legal issue
  • Provide a competent authority with legal opinion that will discontinue any claims and questions about your business
  • You need a legal case analysis that shows perspective and strengthens the weaknesses
  • Analysis of the project, transaction or counterparty will help you make a right decision
  • You buy a business and need a legal analysis of the company and assets that will identify risks and find violations, which will show the real value of the transaction
  • You optimize costs, want to schedule the business process step-by-step and prepare internal documents

Tell us about your problem and we will find the best solution.

Our clients

We guarantee 100% compliance with law and crystal unbiased approach to case

Which tasks do we help to solve?

Solve the problem of legal security of the company or certain case

We make you and your staff free from legal issues

We make you confident in your decision making

Protect your interests in business and investment projects

Ensure legal memorandum on complicated issues

Identify weaknesses and violations due to legal due diligence

We provide you with legal defense in various disputes


Order a free consultation with a lawyer, we will definitely find a solution to your problem.

Discuss the problem with a barrister


Protection of business reputation

Protection of business reputation

Broker went to court to protect his business reputation, demanding the letters be withdrawn.

Broker went to court to protect his business reputation, demanding the letters be withdrawn.


Defense of a witness at criminal proceedings in Almaty

Defense of a witness at criminal proceedings in Almaty

Defense of a witness at criminal proceedings in Almaty

Defense of a witness at criminal proceedings in Almaty


Defense against the arbitral award

Protection of foreign company from enforcement of arbitral award in Nur-Sultan

Describe the case and the problem

How events unfolded, what challenges we faced, how the process unfolded and how decision was made



AKSIOMA team consists of qualified barristers and associates with impeccable reputation and over 18 years of experience. High qualification of associates and team cohesion provide effective solutions and results of our business. We guarantee 100% that we’ll take all legal remedies for you. Virtue, law and honor are the highest values and principles of our team

All team
Джумабаева Маржан Иманжановна
Буркитов Жаксылык Орынбасарович
Гайса Бауыржан Оразайулы
Мухамедьяров Аманжол Нурланович
  • We think through the strategy and possible scenarios in details
  • We predict the result and consequences
  • All information represents attorney-client privilege and protected by law

What do you get?

  • Prompt legal services

    We will do everything possible, as provided by law and international procedures.

  • Confidence and certainty

    Complicated cases and ambiguous laws exclude any confidence. Our legal support help to feel confidence when you make decision.

  • Required responses

    Legal analysis will answer the questions and support to run business accurately.

  • Reduce your expenses

    Applying to our barrister office you engage the qualified team and cut your expenses without engaging foreign lawyers.



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